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 One to One Marketing
Even with simple personalising, a direct mail shot produces three times higher response rates than a conventional mail shot.

By personalising directly into an emotional subject, rates can more than double.
For B2B: up to 30% response
For B2C: up to 18% response
We remember 5% of what we read, 10% of what we hear but 25% of what we SEE: a powerful visual stays in the mind long after words are forgotten.

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Get better results from your marketing campaigns with our selections of personalisation marketing solutions.

If you’ve got something important to say then there’s no better way to communicate with somebody than one to one – which is exactly the principle that underpins Prime Digital’s one-to-one marketing techniques. Your customers’ time is precious so they won’t respond well to being bombarded with messages that are of no interest to them. When the time is right to communicate with your target groups, then your messages need to be specific, clear and appropriate to stand the best chance of attracting their attention. . more information on one to one marketing

Variable Data Printing combines different text and images to produce individually personalised documents. It’s an extremely popular way of communicating with large or disparate groups as it gives you the flexibility to make every item within a large print run different. more information on variable data printing

DirectSmile is enables you to transform a standard direct mailing into something so extraordinary that it is guaranteed to create a reaction. Individual names are incorporated into headlines, photography and imagery making every customer feel recognised and appreciated. The process is fully automated and can be produced in any size of print run. Names are taken directly from your customer databases and integrated into the layouts using a suitable font. more information on directsmile

Stationery is an essential in every business, but it can sometimes be difficult to monitor and manage supplies and reordering. Our specialist division Prime Stationery can help. We’ll carry out an audit of your current procurement system and assess your stationery requirements and budget. We can then manage all aspects of your stationery, from procurement through to delivery. more information on stock management

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